Terry Pratchett, well... he used to be my favourite author, and he's actually still very good. Back on track, as it were, with his recent books. The Truth is one of his very best ever. Once I re-read it, I might even confirm it as his best.

Back in 1993 when I discovered him, .is still didn't have an alt.* feed on usenet, thanks to bandwidth limitations, so my reading of alt.fan.pratchett was limited to crosspostings. But that at least meant I saw the FAQs and the Annotated Pratchett File.

So when I went to Uni in England in 1994, I hit the ground running, went straight into a.f.p. met the man when he came to Warwick to do a talk and a signing, and in September 1995 went to my first meet. The rest is travel.

Here is my afphoto album of most of the meets and megameets and conventions I've been to

Here is a  comprehensive list of afp-ers homepages, thanks to originally to Mchl Grant and now maintained by Sockii. I know many of those...

I guess I should put up my photo of me and Terry from the first Discworld convention, after all it's been on my previous site for years...

Me and Terry