Bjorn Fridgeir Bjornsson

Giljaland 22
108 Reykjavik 


Build on my web-programming experience and use standards and new technology to create a good user experience. Use the theoretical foundation of my computer science studies to easily adapt to new programming languages and technologies

Key skills

  • Recent programming expertise includes C#, ASP.NET and Transact-SQL.
  • Experience of Calypso implementation from a front office position
  • Intensive use of the Infinity trading system, as both front-end user and database user.
  • Extensive trading experience in Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Fixed Income and Derivatives.
  • Fluent English, solid knowledge of German and Danish and some Norwegian and Italian.

Work experience

Arion Custody Services – June 2009 – February 2011

  • Sole developer of web information systems for fund investors. Web service based with a web-based front end.
  • Co-developer of re-write of web information system and management front end for trade instructions and SWIFT connection.

Unimaze Software, November 2008 – March 2009

  • Development of software for electronic business solutions. Mainly developing a new web-based front end but also working on web service, Windows service and Windows client software

Kaupthing Bank, Treasury Department – July 2000 – October 2008

Derivatives Department within Treasury from 2001.
  • Creator of several in-house information webs based on trading system information (including Infinity) using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Worked on the implementation of the Calypso Trading System, as an advisor on the FX implementation in 2007, and as main Front Office contact on the FX options and Swaps Implementation up until cancellation of the project.
  • Creator of an in-house CRM system used for four years within various departments.
  • Creator of an Excel-based option trading book management system used for trading and hedging FX, equity, and bond options from 2001.
  • Primary responsibility for interbank Collateral Management for the bank from 2005, co-ordinating communications, pricing, and portfolio reconciliation
  • Trader in FX Options and Swaps (Interest Rate, Cross-currency and Icelandic Inflation Linked).

The Central Bank of Iceland – November 1996 – June 2000

From January 2000:
Primary Fixed Income Trader in the International Department.
From January 1998:
Trader in the International Department.
Primary Foreign Exchange Trader for the Foreign Reserves of theáCentral Bank.
Backup trader in Money Markets and Fixed Income.
November 1996 - December 1997:
Economist in the Statistics Department.

National Economics Institute, Iceland

1991-1994 every June-September full time, part time work Oct–Nov 1992, and Oct 1993 – Jan 1994.
Analysis of industry performance, first as part of a team, and later as informal leader of the team. Also various economic analysis work, including reassessment of Icelandic investment stock, and internal briefings on possible effects on the Icelandic fishing industry of Norwegian entry into the EU and possible Icelandic entry into the EU.

Ministry of Communications, Iceland
June - September 1990.

Data collection and analysis
Various analytical work.

Institute of Economic Research, University of Iceland
July - September 1989

Researching regional differences in heating costs in Iceland

Reykjavik Parks Department
Summers 1985-1988

Gardening Assistant


University of Strathclyde, 1995-1996
MSc Business Economics

Core courses
  • Macroeconomics, Forecasting, and Modelling.
  • Industrial Economics and Strategic Management.
  • Managerial Economics and Financial Economics
  • Quantitative Methods and Forecasting Techniques.
  • Securities Analysis.
  • Economics of International Business.
  • Government and Business.
Final Project:
  • The Performance of Fund Managers.
University of Warwick 1994-1995
Diploma in Economics

Core courses:
  • Economics Analysis (Micro- and Macroeconomics)
    - Grade of Distinction
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Research Techniques
  • Monetary Economics
  • Global Trading Systems
University of Iceland 1991-1994
BSc Computer Science

Including: Advanced Programming Concepts, Database Theory, Presentations Techniques

University of Iceland 1988-1991
BSc Economics

Including: Advanced Macro- and Microeconomics courses, Financial Theory and Accounting.

Reykjavik Secondary School (Menntaskolinn i Reykjavik)
Degree of "Studentsprof" Physics and Mathematics course, also including 'A' level equivalent final examinations in English, German, Danish, and more