A born model if there ever was one. She just sat there while i knelt in front of her for ages, trying to get the perfect pic.

 Studying, Italian style. This is Biggi, my Icelandic housemate.

 Top row: Simon the Scot, me, Julia (England). Front row: Leo (Croatia) Mike (USA) and Paige (Australia)

 When I first saw this sign I realised Urbania *had* to be a tough town if this bridge was the only safe haven. Later I found out this referred to fishing

 The other Icelanders, Anna and Biggi and the rolling hills around Urbania.

 More Rolling Hills

 Biggi and Yet More Rolling Hills. I *really* found them beautiful.

 Melting all over the pavement. It was *hot*. I *loved* it

Those below are Biggi's

 Me and our hosts.

 Some church on the way to Urbino

 In the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino


 Picnicing, Mette, Dowell, Hardin, me, Leo, Kelly, Matt, Tony

 Me and Biggi in Assisi, the Duomo in the background

 In front of the Duomo in Assisi. Top row: Brigitte, Biggi, Kelly, me, Guiliano, Front row: Leo and Simon

 Some cat in Assisi

 In cookery class.

 A break from school

 The teachers. *grin*

 Cutting onions the handy way

 Preparing to make pasta by hand. I did rather well, even if I say so myself.

 Making pasta