New York

Thanks for letting me stay at your flat

The view out of the flat looking south

The view out of the flat looking north

A few from Central Park

Skyscrapers in Manhattan

The view down Park Avenue from Kaupthing's NY office

and again

The Chrysler building. It's so gorgeous

From on top the Empire State Building

On top of New York. And the Chrysler building in the background

Doesn't that skyscraper look lonely?

The Flatiron

The Woolworth's building

and again

We walked over th Brooklyn Bridge. Fantastic walk, great structure

Me and Siggi in Nevada Smith's

Dining out


Awww. He was a little ill at the time

The Royal Victoria Hospital. I just liked that one.

A nice neat street near Prince Arthur's Street

A panorama of the crossroads where I stopped to read on my way up Mount Royal

A squirrel on Mount Royal

Another squirrel, a lot friendlier

see? (I was of course sitting on that bench reading)

The City Centre from Mount Royal. The round building on the left is the McGill University Medical School Bldg

The same crossroads, coming down. Bench is on the left

The Olympic Stadium...

... from above

The view from the funicular


Stephen and me outside Bakka bookshop

Stephen and Sarah with the CN tower behind them

My nephew's wife Halla and their kids, Steingrímur, Eyvindur and Gunnar.

Pity the camera distorts those straight lines a bit

Nephew Þorsteinn and his youngest

Another stadium from above, the Skydome from 300+ metres up

Standing on thin air in the CN tower.

Frightened out of my skin

Lookithat, I wuz there.

Washington D.C.


Mmmmdinner. Me and cousin Kirstin

There was 'sun powered house' exhibition on The Mall

Extremely interesting stuff it was, too

The Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

If you look closely, you can see Dubya.

Ol'Abe and me

Still at the Mall

Mount Vernon with cousin Kristín and her husband David

And me at Mount Vernon