New Zealand

 My friend, Craig the groom-to-be, and his dad, Peter

 The new stadium in Wellington, Westpactrust Stadium at the first day of the Sevens Tournament

 The almost-all-conquering All Blacks

 Spot Jonah Lomu

 The wedding: The bride walks up the aisle^Wpier

 Craig and Chris about to get wed

 The couple with the bay in the background

 The Kiss

 Another of the newlyweds. Spot the wonderful scenery

 Walking out

 The barbecue the day after, Rob, Keryn, Treasa and Sue

 Craig, Chris and Craig's parents

 Wonderful View of Wellington. Smashing town, if a bit too windy.

 The steepest bridges i've ever seen. Did I mention Wellington is *hilly* as well?

 New Zealand geezer. (i'm avoiding *any* comparisons now) Near Rotorua, which smells like home.

 Whacking great big volcanic valley. Waimangu, near Rotorua

 A beautiful blue hot pool at Waimangu

 The pretenders to the America's Cup, taken on the eve of the first race of the cup proper between Prada and the NZ boat

 The eventual winner. This is in the America's Cup Village in Auckland harbour.


 The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

 A dream come true

 Sydney Harbour at the start of the harbour cruise

 I was there. Unbelievable. Amazing.

 The Blue Mountains

 Me in the Blue Mountains

 The view from The SkyWay

 More SkyWay

 Yet another you-know-what

 Me feeding wallabies.

 The War Memorial in Sydney. A beautiful building. I sat on this bench for a couple of hours reading. Soooooooo relaxing.

 The Todd River being unusally rivery

 Alice Springs main street

 A hill in Alice

 More unusual water. The Todd River again, seen from my balcony at the Heaviside Gap Resort Motel

 The Heaviside Gap just south of Alice, seen from my window


 At the start of the walk up Uluru

 The biggest waterhole at Uluru. Way more water than usual, thanks to the heavy rains previously


 At the Kata Tjutas, near Uluru

 The Kata Tjutas

 The... yes.

 A Friend.

 That little blob is the helicopter I went on over King's Canyon. Was far too scared to take pics

 A quintet in Sydney. I've got their name somewhere and will add it. Beautiful music

 The bubble bath in the Sidney Olympic Diving Pool