Guest bathroom off front hall; view from hall up to living room, in living room looking at dining room (left) and hall (right; looking down into dining room

The hall; looking down on to the bedroom corridor, looking into the two smaller bedrooms, the small corridor leading to the 'extra room', looking up at the house from the road below, it's the one with the light on on the left.

And here's a video, going down the stairs(3.5 meg)

Front (north facing)

Front upper level

Dining room, kitchen

Back upper (south facing) level

living room

Back lower level

Three bedrooms (2 small, 1 bigger facing garden), bathroom and clothes room in middle of house

Back front level

no pics of extra bedroom, corridor and small storage room and washroom


On top of the garages, road below. 2 pics from balcony, 1 from garden level


very badly scaled

Lower levels

Upper levels