Thursday afternoon

Ingvar juggles.

  The Turtle Moves. Away from Alan

Gazebo party

An afpfamily...

Inflation at work

Goddess and Bellinghman doing what comes natural to afp-ers

Bellinghman, Goddess, Ingvar, Leo, Karen. aka, people doing nothing

Mike pitches his tent.

Mike and Colm deep in discussion

Mike listens to 'Solitary Guy'

Bryan and Doc (missing) on vocals, Rachel on steel drum

Duckbilled Colm

late at night. Doc plays the guitar

Saturday morning rolls along

innit that schweeeeeeeet.

more adoration from loving couples

Leo plays with utensils

Candle on the Car

Camera flashes are *so* popular at night

The auction starts

The Slice girls.

And tent dismantling happens

A horizontal James Higgins

James makes a suitable exit

Waiting for the train

More waiting

more sweetness. *ick*