But... Gideon... Greens are *good* for you

Lounging around

Getting ready to see absolutely nothing except snow and sleet

*More* lounging around... no doubt imagining the snow to be sand, and the fog to be brilliant sunshine

Hey, we're k3wl, we are

We were wet

There's landscape there. Honest

More sillyness

Admiring the architecture <bleargh>

The pool of Snorri.

Some nice waterfalls

Admiring said waterfalls

Climbing among waterfalls

Look at that waterfall. I wonder if there are penguins here.

Yes, we're almost at the optimal spot for throwing Bjo^Wourselves in

Look at *me*

So.... a triple backwards somersault with one and a half screw... what's the difficulty level of that?

Looks more peaceful upriver

Ok... so which way is Vestmannaeyjar

Water water everywhere.

Mike with landscape

Mike clambering round the top of the waterfall. See photo below for how high up this is

Mike and Gideon with landscape


Another waterfall.

Leaving waterfall, bloody wet after walking behind it.

At Ůingvellir, site of Europe's oldest parliament </tourguide>

Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall. Too many waterfalls, possibly?

Gideon peering intently into the distance, looking for penguins, no doubt.