Mum and Aunt Gunna in Union Square
Up on Twin Peaks at the start of the tour of the City
I and mum on Twin Peaks
In Golden Gate Park, near the Japanese Tea Garden
In front of the Japanese Tea Garden
At the other side of the Golden Gate looking over to SF

At the Golden Gate

And a panorama
The seals at Pier 39
On the way back from Pier 39
"The steepest street in World". Or not. Not even in SF, apparantly
Pretty steep though
and a nice view. That's Coit Tower over there
Another view down um... that street.
Using the flash this time
Straight streets.
Now there's a good idea when a hill is steep.
Bay Bridge and downtown from the Coit Tower
Looking the other way out of Coit Tower to Pier 39 and Alcatraz
And up it.
Looking towards the Banking district of Downtown
and up to where the previous pic was taken
A typical Berkeley student
Pier 39 and the Neptune Restaurant
On the way to Alcatraz
The Golden Gate from the boat
and looking back to the city
The island emerges through the fog
and uninviting
Gothic, even
The burnt out hulk of the warden's home
Nice and compact
A panorama towards the city
Behind the jail, the stairs up to the back door to the exercise yard
A view through a hole
And a great one of the exercise yard. Probably not many tourist bother to go this way and get that view through a peephole
or that.
The Warden's House
No entry to the fountain
Straight streets, pity about the rain
Up near Haight
on the way back from Haight-Ashbury
Riding the streetcar
I missed the match by 2 days. Talk about exotic
In Chinatown
Coit Tower that way
Zooming in on Alcatraz from the Neptune