June 2006

Driving up on Thursday

At Brandon's place in Brooklyn

Nice car.

Rolling hills, but high

Arrival. Pen.

A lion? No, a shitsu

Paula owns the place, great lady

Dinner, Seth looking tired.


Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home

Mćđgurnar í morgunmat

This weekend was all about distant relatives anyway. From the museum in the Town Hall.


I joined the newspaper photographer for this

What Have I Let Myself In For????

Getting ready for rehearsal

Seth's aunt and mother

The Village Hall.

David's cousin Bill, his wife and Seth's aunt

At the rehearsal dinner, Josh, Svava, Helgi, Margareth and Seth

Icelandic flower power

Unfortunately I didn't take any pic in daylight.

We're at the bar? Strange, that.

Cousins Louise and Helgi relaxing outside

This is what I've let myself in for. Cat. Cream.

The Wedding Day

All set for spring exploring!

And it's off across the old tennis courts.

JD saw to it that Kristín joined us

As they disappear up the hill

First, the waterfall

Racoon handprints! Cute!

Now the spring

Safely housed

And inside, thanks to the intrepid Margareth

Kristín, David and cousin

And back to the house

The front of the house, which used to be the back.

My room had a strong bear motif. I suspect non-coinkydinky.

The three room outbuilding.

The Main Event

All set

The last of the... wossnames

And then the bride and her father.

Not much comment needed now.

A hairy moment!

The queue for congratulations

Courtney, Kristin, Tracy and Shawn

David and Jen.

Shawn and Courtney

Happy couple

Adoring look

Bill's wife, David, cousin, cousin Bill and Kristín

Cutting the cake

Yea and Margareth



The evening progresses

And the dancing starts. Josh.

Margareth and

Oh so innocent.

More dancing

Tracy and more erm.

And for some reason they disappear upstairs rather early

Whereas others keep going, Louise, Daniel and Yea.

Me and Louise

Helgi and Louise

The Morning After

Something funny

And a warm goodbye from the newlywed.